12 Apr 2020

In these extraordinary times, reduce stress and simplify your shopping by remembering the old adage: there are as many recipes as there are cooks! All recipes can be adjusted and ingredients swapped, depending on taste and availability...

9 Apr 2020

Turns out, overnight bread is not only thrify, it is also dead easy: Just a tiny amnount of yeast and no kneading required!

3 Apr 2020

As the days and weeks of lockdown reality add up, one skill (or is it just an attitude?) is showing itself to be crucial: the ability to make the best use of what is at hand and what's available. What better example than supper foraged in the garden and in the back of the fridge: a vibrant, nourishing soup made from wild garlic and nettle tops....

5 Dec 2019

It's amazing what consumer awareness of the plastic problem has achieved in just two short years. Changes are everywhere, and our refill range is growing too

10 Jul 2019

The Greek 'pita' pie is a firm favourite in our house. Most widely known as 'spanakopita' (spinach pie) it comes in many guises and uses up a lot of greens!

26 May 2019

Here are just a few of the things that we put on the shelves recently on customers' requests (click on any image below to see the gallery with captions).

We will always try our best with special orders: often it turns out that others want just that very thing too so it's always worth our effort. So don't be shy, just ask if you can't find what you n...

24 May 2019

We had a pile of leftover greens from the shop the other day and this Nigel Slater recipe for a 'Verdant' Coconut Curry caught my eye. Simplified it a bit to fit what I had to hand, it still turned out absolutely delicious!

17 May 2019

After almost 7 years of living in Llanrwst we still can't possibly claim to speak Welsh. OK, I can say a few phrases and catch the odd word in a conversation, even occasionally understand a customer request, but that's not enough to even pretend. And as someone who grew up in a bilingual family and already speaks 5 languages it really gets to me th...