10 Jul 2019

The Greek 'pita' pie is a firm favourite in our house. Most widely known as 'spanakopita' (spinach pie) it comes in many guises and uses up a lot of greens!

24 May 2019

We had a pile of leftover greens from the shop the other day and this Nigel Slater recipe for a 'Verdant' Coconut Curry caught my eye. Simplified it a bit to fit what I had to hand, it still turned out absolutely delicious!

16 Apr 2019

A simple tomato sauce must be one of the quickest (and cheapest) meals one can throw together. That doesn't mean it has to be boring! A common stand-by in our house, this is a dish that can be adapted infinitely - just make sure you always add big bold flavours!


tomatoes (from a tin, or fresh)



olive oil

flavour boosters (at least t...

11 Feb 2019

If you love bread but need to avoid wheat, gluten or carbs this is a great alternative. Packed with healthy seeds & nuts it is satisfyingly substantial.

27 Dec 2018

This warm lentil salad (or lentil stir fry, if you will) is a staple in our house. The basic idea - lentils, greens and soy sauce - can be endlessly adapted depending on what you have to hand. It can be eaten warm or cold, as a mains or a side, and easily made in advance for a quick fix or to take somewhere. A winner in every way!


lentils -...

13 Dec 2018

Slightly odd looking and not very common on British menus, kohlrabi is a vegetable you are unlikely to come across around here unless it appears in your vegbox or farmer's market. It a member of the brassica family with a delicate taste, not unlike a cabbage heart or broccoli stem (if you throw away your broccoli stems, think again!) and comes in p...

15 Nov 2018

If doctors and nutritionists agree on one thing it's this: Eating more vegetables is the most important healthy eating habit worth getting into. Like all new habits this might seem daunting at first, but it's easy once you get your head around it. Actually, you don't even need to learn new recipes or use any fancy extras.

All you need is good qualit...

27 Aug 2018

I absolutely love cookbooks (and I have far too many but never enough). I rarely follow a recipe though - what I love most is finding inspiration and new ideas to try. This particular recipe from Anna Jones' The Modern Cook's Year caught my eye for its double inspiration: two familiar ingredients/dishes - pancakes and courgettes - each given a new...

24 Jun 2018

This is another Greek favourite: a summer dish of green beans braised with tomato and olive oil.

Greek cooking has a way with vegetables, which may come as a surprise to some: simple but delicious veggie meals are a staple of traditional home cooking even though it seems these dishes never really made it onto restaurant menus. You can use any type o...

21 Jun 2018

We've had a box of Swiss chard in the shop recently - one of my favourite greens and one that really likes the British climate so UK grown supplies are plentiful right now. Less familiar than spinach though so I had several conversations with people about how to cook chard, and I thought posting some ideas here might be useful! Think of it as a cro...

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