24 Jun 2018

This is another Greek favourite: a summer dish of green beans braised with tomato and olive oil.

Greek cooking has a way with vegetables, which may come as a surprise to some: simple but delicious veggie meals are a staple of traditional home cooking even though it seems these dishes never really made it onto restaurant menus. You can use any type o...

23 Jun 2018

It's local, it's handmade, it's vegan. It's Betws-y-Bangers!

The sausages found their way in to our shop quite serendipitously - Martin from Aberconwy House down the road just popped in one day and brought us some to try. We found them to be rather yummy - full of flavour and crisping up nicely too - so we gave them some space in our freezer. The re...

21 Jun 2018

We've had a box of Swiss chard in the shop recently - one of my favourite greens and one that really likes the British climate so UK grown supplies are plentiful right now. Less familiar than spinach though so I had several conversations with people about how to cook chard, and I thought posting some ideas here might be useful! Think of it as a cro...

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