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Artisan vegan sausages, handmade & local!

Locally made vegan sausages

It's local, it's handmade, it's vegan. It's Betws-y-Bangers!

The sausages found their way in to our shop quite serendipitously - Martin from Aberconwy House down the road just popped in one day and brought us some to try. We found them to be rather yummy - full of flavour and crisping up nicely too - so we gave them some space in our freezer. The rest is history as they say... they have been a big hit ever since. (One lady is known to have stockpiled the entire supply more than once.) Even Martin was caught by surprise :)

After a short break in the supply the bangers are back and better than ever: Now in 100% compostable packaging and a new palm oil free recipe. Oh, and the cool design is hand-printed (really).

Definitely a cut above the rest!

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