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About us

Here we are, your new shopkeepers: Katerina and Colin (with Mojo, the new shop dog).

Natural health, and good food has been a genuine interest for as long as we can remember. With our commitment to our customers, we are taking this interest, that has been simply a way of life so far, a lot more seriously: Katerina is studying to become a Certified Nutritional Therapist, and has completed a certificate with the Health Food Institute.

We live on a (very small) smallholding just outside Llanrwst, and we love living in this quirky, lively, independent-minded town. We have both travelled quite a bit (from Indonesia to Madagascar, and from London to Athens via Berlin) before finding our sweet spot in the beautiful Conwy Valley.

We have never run a shop before, but have been looking for a chance to work more locally, so when the opportunity came up to take over the long-standing local health food shop, Siop Iechyd, we jumped at it!

In case you are curious about our 'other lives': Colin is a musician (find out more about his music here) and Katerina used to work as a concert producer (see more about the concert series she used to manage here). The many fascinating conversations we have the shop about cooking and food and health have inspired Katerina to start teaching intuitive cooking and kitchen confidence - check it out!

We are passionate about natural living, sustaining our planet, supporting the local community and eating healthy, tasty, fresh food. We hope our shop will become an exciting and inspiring place for health and food, promoting organic produce and supporting local producers: your local hub for better living!

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