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The countdown is on!

Hello everyone! By the end of the week we will become your local shopkeepers!

Siop Iechyd, the health food shop in Llanrwst is changing hands, and we are taking over from the lovely Clare this Friday. We aim to re-open straight away on Saturday 30 July, assuming we can set up our new till system and credit card machine overnight.

We have never run a shop before so please bear with us while we are getting the hang of all the practical stuff - once we know how everything ticks we'll get to work with our ideas on how to make the shop more interesting, more exciting, and more useful.

For a start we have had cool new window signs made - from sustainable wood.

Watch this space for news, updates and resources, and please pop in to say hello. We are keen to hear your ideas on how to make this great little shop even better!

new window signs

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