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Shop news!

Here’s our monthly round-up on what’s new on the shelves, from the small to the big. And we certainly have some news for April!

The big news first! We are stocking up in fresh organic veg & fruit.

Pick what you like, when you like it (with special regard for those who don't want or don't like veg box surprises). We can't fully source it locally unfortunately, but produce will be British grown whenever possible. Freshest on Wednesdays, cheapest on Tuesdays. Say no to mass produced bland supermarket veg!

As a footnote: This is an experiment - in order to keep the weekly order going we need to sell quite an amount of this fresh stuff every week. Come and try the freshness and quality for yourself, and please help spread the word!

New supplier of local eggs

We have switched to a new local egg supplier: our eggs now come from Ochr Cefn Isa. This National Trust farm at Ysbyty Ifan is much smaller than our previous supplier which means the hens have much more of a chance of a real free range life. Better for the birds and better for us - way to go!

Organic Milk now available in returnable glass bottles!

Place a weekly order or just pick up a pint when it suits you. Please return the empty glass bottles to be reused - just like in old days!

Proper vegan cheese

Have you tried the amazing nut cheeses from the lovely people at Nutcrafter yet? Made with cultured cashews for a proper hit of cheese savouriness! They come in different flavours, both aged and fresh styles, and there is a buttery spread too. Vegan, dairy free, gluten free, and palm oil free.

Come in for a taste test!

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