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Expanding the refill range!

It's amazing to see what popular awareness of the plastic problem has achieved nationwide in just two short years... It has definitely shaped customer demand which in turn has been forcing smaller and bigger changes almost everywhere you look. Yes to people power!

We are of course trying to respond as much as we can to customer demand too (space allowing) and our refill range has been expanding throughout the year, and once again quite recently.

We now offer refills of:

> washing up liquid

> laundry liquid

> fabric softener

> all-purpose cleaner

> shampoo

> conditioner

> body wash

Coming soon: hand wash, toilet cleaner, and more.

We also have a selection of soaps, shampoo bars and conditioner bars available!

Remember: You can bring any bottle to be refilled - it really doesn't have to be an original branded bottle. It helps if it still has a lable showing capacity so we don't have to guess how much it holds.

Reduce, reuse, recycle - keep it up!

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