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The VegBox Challenge!

Veg boxes have something compelling about them. A weekly box of fresh, seasonal, delicious vegetables is a delight, a surprise and a challenge. Can you really use up everything? How to cook something you never tried before? How to use up a glut of seasonal repeats without getting bored? What about left-overs? One thing is sure: a weekly veg box leaves no excuses about not eating your greens!

As we are launching a weekly veg box delivered to the shop on Fridays (grown locally and organically by Eat Your Greens near Ruthin) we have taken on the vegbox challenge at home: Can we really use up a medium (standard) vegbox in a household of two? While we have always been cooking fresh every day I admit I feel slightly daunted by the sheer variety of lovely veg in this box. I will need to come up with some ideas!

Watch out for our vegbox diary coming up. (We will be cooking through the vegbox day by day through a whole week - please bear with us if posts appear with a slight delay.)

Here is what we need to eat up this week (from left to right): beetroot, celeriac, onions, purple kale, sprouting broccoli, squash, potatoes, green cabbage, leeks, apples, carrots.

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