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Veg Box Day7: More celeriac mash

It's day 7 of the veg box challenge - and all we have left is one celeriac. Success! Hurray!

Celeriac is a bit of an underestimated root, especially in this country, which is a shame really because it really is super tasty under the knobbly exterior. There are lots of great dishes using celeriac, both raw and cooked (for a few ideas see here) but we love celeriac mash too much not to just have it again. We have some chestnuts left from the risotto (well, speltotto) earlier this week so we are crumbling that on top.

I'll happily eat that on its own, but something green and soft would go well too (like wilted spinach or gently braised peas), and it makes a great side for something meaty to.

I could just refer you back to the previous diary entry featuring this version of mash, but to save you looking for the right bit amongst a longer recipe, here it is again:


from the box: celeriac, potatoes

from the cupboard: olive oil (and/or butter), pepper, parsley

optional: chestnuts

How to:

Peel the celeriac, scrub the potatoes, cut it all up in rough pieces.

Just cover with water in a pot, add a pinch of salt and a squeeze of lemon and boil until tender (maybe 20 mins).

Drain, and mash roughly with olive oil (or butter), season with salt and plenty of fresh pepper, adding a bit of the cooking water to make it as smooth as you like. Top with a handful of parsley.

Optional: Crumble up some cooked chestnuts and fry in a big of butter until browned and nutty. Scatter on top of your mash.

Top tip: Keep the celeriac cooking water, it's delicious!! Use as stock or just enjoy as savoury, healthy broth drink (add a squeeze of lemon).

Confession: It's been quite an effort keeping up the daily posts, taking photos of everything before and after cooking, and writing everything up every single evening. I'm so glad I did, but I think I need a bit of a break!

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