Kutis Natural Deodorant

We thought a 'spotlight' series introducing new arrivals on our shelves might be an interesting addition to the blog (and the newsletter). We do occasionally post product news on social media, but much of it goes unnoticed in the general deluge of algorithm-controlled information overkill so hopefully this is not too much of a repetition. So...

Here's our new favourite product to start off the series! Handmade natural deodorant sticks from Kutis Skincare. Contains only natural ingredients that you might have at home (bicarb of soda, arrowroot, coconut oil, beeswax and essential oils) and comes in a cute little cardboard tube. Easy to use and I dare say it works better than all the other stuff. No nasties, no plastic and made in Wales too - just gotta love this!

The ingredients are actually so simple that you could easily make this at home - there are lots of recipes online, all using the same basics with only minor variations (here's an example). But if, like me, you don't have the time to experiment and/or prefer a neat little stick to something in a jar... come and get yours while stocks last!

Btw, we also stock little tins of lip balm (in nude and vanilla) and a natural face scrub/detox mask (no micro beads!) made by the lovely Kate at Kutis.

kutis natural deodorant

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