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Our favourite condiments!

We cook with a lot of herbs & spices at home which is the best way to build organic flavour into any dish, but if we need a bit of extra zing or oomph these are our absolute favourites, and on our table most days:


Made from the juice produced from fermenting plums (known as Umeboshi), this tart and salty liquid adds zing and umami to pretty much anything! Less sharp than vinegar, and more subtle than soy sauce Use in a dressing or marinade, or simply to perk up any dish. Magic Japanese stuff.


A Middle Eastern speciality this is a sweet and tangy syrup made (obviously) from pomegranates (nothing else added). Just the right balance of tart and sweet this is lovely in a salad dressing (replacing vinegar or lemon) and works great in a marinade too. (For more ideas see here.)


A hot sauce that is full of taste not just heat! It's not of the tame kind either but the delicious smokey flavour makes it really moreish. No questionable ingredients added. A must try, whether you like it hot or not. Oh and it's made in Wales too :)

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