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No more plastic!

new compostable packaging

The switch is complete! ALL our own brand packaging is now home-compostable using either natureflex (nuts and dried fruit) or cellophane (oats, muesli, herbs & spices) - both are certified for home composting. We are really chuffed with the new packs: they look oh so very neat, and as they are more compact than previously it means we save space on the shelves to add more products for you :)

Cellophane is made from cellulose plant fibre, while the more recently developed natureflex is made from (certified sustainable) wood pulp. Check out these handy tips from Garden Organic on composting plant based bioplastics at home; we also have a blog post with more ideas for reducing plastic use.

If you want to know more, check out more about the Natureflex technology (all the way from Japan, no less!) here and here - the latter is a short video including a fascinating time-lapse clip showing the (de)composting process.And for those who would like to source such packaging for their own purposes: after some research on prices, we got ours from here.

We are very aware of course that no packaging is much better than any other kind of packaging; we are working on a plan to install a range of bulk dispensers, but as we need to make the space for these in our already overflowing little shop, this will take another while. Please bear with us and watch this space!

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