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Local & organic apple juice!

We are so pleased these pretty glass bottles of local apple juice have recently found their way onto our shelves. Made from heritage apple varieties, grown, pressed and bottled at Bryn Cocyn farm in Llannefydd, North Wales' oldest organic farm.

The farm grows twenty varieties of apples for picking from August to November – early apples to eat straight from the tree, later varieties for storage through the winter, and some cider apples too.

The juice is bottled in single variety flavours, and there is something for every plate. We got some real fans already - which one is your favourite?

Adam’s Pearmain Crisp and green, with a refreshing citric tang.

Rosemary Russett Complex. Initially sweet, then the sour hits the palate.

Bramley and Rajka A nice balance of sweet and acid, giving it a clean taste.

Ribston Pippin Medium sweet. Aromatic with a hint of honey.

Resi Richly sweet with a suggestion of apple sauce.

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