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Dysgu Cymraeg (Learning Welsh)

After almost 7 years of living in Llanrwst we still can't possibly claim to speak Welsh. OK, I can say a few phrases and catch the odd word in a conversation, even occasionally understand a customer request, but that's not enough to even pretend. And as someone who grew up in a bilingual family and already speaks 5 languages it really gets to me that Welsh is still eluding me!

It's not for want of trying though! As soon as we knew we would be moving here we looked into Welsh language courses. Weekly classes were never a realistic option, as my schedule was always going to be too unpredictable, but when I stumbled over SaySomethingInWelsh (SSiW) I was quickly convinced to sign up. With their innovative 'speak before you read' learning approach and anytime online access this seemed the Welsh course I was looking for. And indeed, initially progress was quite impressive. But even with the best method in the world you still have to put in the time and the practice... but life happens, time evaporates and brain space gets clogged up, and at some point we fell off the practice train.

But with the National Eisteddfod coming to Llanrwst in just a few short months now and SSiW launching a bunch of restructured courses (anything from '6 minutes a day' to 'brain shock' intensives) we are getting on the Welsh train again with renewed determination - surely I should be able to fit in 6 minutes a day!?

If you want to try it for yourself, check out the SSiW website or the video below.

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