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Thrifty Overnight Bread

Making bread at home must be among the most comforting activities of all: for many of our customers already a regular habit, it seems many more are turning to breadmaking in the strange times of lockdown.

A surprising side effect has been the sudden scarcity of dried yeast (note: as of April 10th we have managed to source some!) so when our customer Mary mentioned her bread recipe used only a tiny amount of yeast, my ears pricked up. Turns out, overnight bread is not only thrify (1/4 tsp of yeast per 2 loaves!), it is also dead easy: no kneading required!

Mary has generously shared her recipe, and there are many good reasons to try it! Btw, an online search for 'overnight bread' will bring up many more recipe options, if you are so inclined, but perhaps best not to confuse yourself, and start with these tried and tested, super easy instructions:

3 cups of flour 1 cup of water

1/4 tsp of dry yeast salt/sugar to taste Mix flour, yeast and water into a very wet sticky dough (add a bit more more water if necessary) Place in an airtight(ish) container (eg. saucepan + lid) and leave to rest overnight at room temperature. Shape dough into a loaf (or two) in the morning (handle gently, do not knead!). Smaller loaves work better. Leave to rise again (30 min or so, will not rise much) Bake as usual. Enjoy!

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